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An Introductory Video of Prof. Tayfun Aybek, MD

A beating heart means to maintain a life. Cardiac diseases are primary causes of death in the world. When medications and interventional methods doesn’t respond to the treatment, the only cure for cardiac patients become the surgery. Although, open-heart surgeries are very popular and are being applied in many health institutions, currently, there are also new approaches in Cardiovascular Surgery. Human life is getting longer day by day. That’s why cardiac surgeries are applicable for elders and risky groups of people too. With the developing methods in the field, results are also getting better. Bypass surgery, closing heart hole, cardiac valve repair and aorta surgeries… If you or someone close to you needs one of these surgeries, you need not only an experienced surgeon but also the one who follows innovations closely in this field. While studying at Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Doctor Tayfun Aybek went to Germany and completed his career in Frankfurt Medical Faculty. He returned to Turkey in 2007. He became known as ‘Golden Lancet’ for his different and innovative methods around medical community. He still works as an academic at Ankara TOBB ETU University Medical Faculty. Heart attack and its complications can have severely bad results. It may damage quality of life and if it is not treated, it can result in dead. So, what should we do when there is blockage in cardiac veins? What should we need to know? All around the world, people come to Ankara and have bypass surgery. Let’s learn the reason why they prefer this from Prof. Tayfun Aybek, MD. TA: How can we treat blockages in cardiac veins? Nowadays, the unique method for that is Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery. Which means, taking a vein to build a bridge for the blockage with surgical method. Generally, we do this with open-heart surgery method. It means to open thoracic cage completely. However, if it’s only one or two veins we prefer closed-heart surgery method. In this method, we don’t open thoracic cage completely instead, we open the heart through 5cm. small incision, we apply this method on the beating heart. All valve and bypass surgeries are tested regarding their quality and control after the test is passed by the patient, they are taken to intensive care unit. Prof. Tayfun Aybek, MD thinks that intensive care process should be as short as possible. Patients should be taken to normal service and start their physiotherapy programs to recover faster and be informed about protective treatments and details about their diseases in a detailed way. Following these patients during the post-operative period is highly crucial as well. Prof. Tayfun Aybek. MD indicates that patients need to be followed with Remote Patient Monitoring Systems during the post-op period. Thanks to this system, echocardiography, tension, oxygen saturation, hemoglobin and cardiac outputs of patients can be measured remotely. In this way, arrythmia, lung and cardiac dropsy and such complications can be distinguished and treated in advance.If there is a problem with your heart, you should trust surgeons who are experienced and seeking for innovations in this field. Your heart is your life. Please take good care of it.

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