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    Endovascular Aortic Graft Implantation

    Case Report

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    “Closed” Method Aortic Aneurysm Endovascular Stent Treatment...

    Endovascular Aortic Surgery is one of the best inventions in Cardiovascular Surgery during recent years. It reduced surgery risks and hospital stay considerably. Before the 2000s, Aortic Surgery was the most severe operation with the highest risk of complications. As technology is developing day by day, now, Aortic Surgeries can be performed with the closed method, easily.

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    Aortic Valve Surgery

    A healthy heart contracts 70-80 times in a minute and approximately 100.000 times in a day. In this way, 300 lt. of blood is pumped to the whole body in an hour. In a normal heart, there are 4 cavities. 2 upper cavities are called right and left atriums, lower cavities on the other hand are called left and right ventricles. Heart’s duty is to transfer oxygenic blood to whole body.

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